18th Ohio Descendants at Chickamauga

September 18-21, 2013

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(Photo by John Guider)

Like a strong storm, the descendants of the 18th Ohio descended on Chattanooga and the Battlefield of Chickamauga for three days of non stop activities. Scott Diezman and Glenn Davis acted as tour guides for the trip. Several descendants signed up early on. We were lucky enough to meet up with several more families. Now, we can add to our list of people wanting to know more about the travels and experiences of our ancestors.


Ray Evans, a local historian who has written extensively about the activities of the 18th, was of great assistance again this year. Here he is portraying Secretary Edwin Stanton who presented the Medal of Honor to some of the soldiers who earned it at Chickamauga. Ray has written several books, which we recommend. Among them are books about Davis Crossroads and Brown's Ferry.
While away from their companies, Corporal Huggins and Pvt. Wade met up with General John Basil Turchin and his lovely wife, Nadine. Mdme Turchin was as gracious as ever and welcomed us back even though we are now in Negley's Division. The General does not appear to have suffered from his harsh treatment at the hands of General Don Carlos Buell.
On Friday night, our group took time out to go to Golden Corral for dinner. Joining our group was 21st Ohio Reenactor and noted archival researcher, Brad Quinlan. Brad took time out of his schedule of book signing at the Chickamauga Battlefield Visitor's Center to share a meal and offer his books at a very good price. He also took the time to sign each copy. Members of this group are: (from left to right) (standing) Scott Diezman and Glenn Davis. (sitting) Mark Koker, Brad Quinlan, Jim Bohannan, Jim's grandson, Matthew, and Jim's wife, Susan.
Our group tour of the battlefield started off at Crawfish Springs, which is across the street from the Gordon-Lee Mansion. The Gordon-Lee Mansion was Rosecranz' headquarters at the start of the Battle of Chickamauga and later was used as the hospital for the Union wounded. Scott Diezman presented the colors of the 18th Ohio to the group. Notice the raingear and umbrellas providing shelter for our group. Glenn Davis was in charge of the weather. He predicted that the rain would not be a major factor. Upon saying that, it started to rain by the bucket fulls. The more optimistic he became, the more it rained. Luckily for the group, he started to predict gloom and doom, therefore the rain slackened and quit by noon.
On the top of Snodrass Hill stands a monument to the valor of the 18th Ohio. It was here that our regiment performed its most valuable service to the Union. While the rest of the Union Army was being driven from the field, General Thomas gathered what commands were still able to fight. Here on this spot, the 18th along with the rest of Stanley's brigade, including the 19th Illinois and 11th Michigan, were to fend off attack after attack. General Thomas' behavior on this day earned him the nickname, "Rock of Chickamauga." The 18th Ohio made a valiant charge which succeeded in pushing off the wave of Confederate troops which had reached the summit. After dark, the Union Army quietly slipped off to Rossville, where it could continue the struggle. In recognition of this charge, we "captured" a Confederate sergeant and made him get in the photo with us.


No pilgrimage to the Chickamauga Battlefield can be complete without a stop at the Battlefield Visitor's Center. The most eye-catching feature of the Center is the large Regimental Flag hanging prominently in the museum area. A careful look at the flag reveals it is a reproduction of the Regimental Colors for the 18th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. The final stop of our battlefield tour was under this flag. The group consists of (back row) Scott Diezman (descendant of Pvt. Harrison Wade, Co. F), Kate and Keith Akers (descendants of Corp. Albert S. Toops, Co. A), Mark Koker (descendant of Pvt. Harrison Wade, Co. F), Daryl Mann (husband of Cherrie), Jim Bohannan ( descendant of Capt. Alexander Pearce, Co. D). (Front row) Cherrie Mann (descendant of Pvt Wesley Sidman and Pvt Charles Sidman, both of Co. H), Matthew (grandson of Jim Bohannan), Susan (wife of Jim), and Glenn Davis (descendant of Corp. Joseph Huggins, Co. K).