Biography of

William H. Baird, Co H

William Harrison Baird was born the second son of Mose and Mary Baird. In adult life, he was described as being tall, friendly, and well liked. He also had the gift of a fine singing voice which he used singing hymns solo in church or at funerals. According to records, he was a tinner of stoves and hardware before the war. He married, Eliza Langartha Brown,daughter of Pearly and Eliza Hulbert Brown of McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio. She is the older sister of Captain Pearly Green Brown of the 18th Ohio. Their marriage took place November 11, 1852 in Vinton County, Ohio. To them were born seven children. Ella Ida was born in 1854, Charles Sumner in 1856, Pearly Clinton in 1858, Mary Eliza in 1860, Minnie Estella in 1863, Wiliam Gates in 1865, and finally Lucerne H in 1867. An interesting note is worthwhile to be included. William and Eliza were both active in the abolitionist movement in Southeast Ohio. They were an active part of the "Underground Railway" assisting runaway slaves.

William was one of the first to volunteer in the initial call-up of the 18th Ohio Militia. He served for 90 days in the Phillipi campaign guarding railroad bridges and trestles. After the 18th Militia was mustered out, he enlisted in the 18th Ohio Volunteers being formed at Camp Wool, Athens County, Ohio in the fall of 1861. The reference to his being well-liked must have had considerable appeal to the newly formed organization in that he was elected to be a Lieutenant in Company H in November, 1861. Lt. Baird resigned his commission on September 29, 1862. It is cause for wonder if the real reason for resigning was the court-martial affair of Turchin and Stanley after the Athens, Alabama incident.

Additional information is being compiled and this biography will be updated with more material as it becomes available.

(Information graciously provided by Dawn, direct descendant of William Harrison Baird.)