Corpl. Albert S. Toops,Co A

From Keith Akers, descendant of Albert Sanford Toops:

Albert Sanford Toops (1836 1916) served in the 18th Ohio Voluntary Infantry regiment.  He is my great-great-grandfather. My grandmother, Naomi Chapman Woodroof (1900 1989), was A. S. Toops’ granddaughter; she knew him and did extensive genealogical research later in life.  This information is based on her research.

The bad news is that Albert left no letters or accounts of his involvement in the war.  Grandmother said that he never talked of his experiences in the war, but he did enjoy going to the reunions.  The good news is that we have quite a bit of information about the rest of his life and know who many of his descendants were (and evidently he has quite a few).

Albert was a carpenter and farmer.  He was born in Ross County, Ohio, 28 July 1836, the son of Thomas Toops and Eliza Bishop, also natives of Ross County. (The county seat of Ross County today is Chillicothe, in the south central part of Ohio, about 50 miles due south of Columbus.) 

He served three years in the Union Army during the Civil War, enlisting at Frankfort, Ross County, Ohio, on August 4, 1861, and was assigned to Company A, 18th Regiment of Ohio Voluntary Infantry under Capt. Miller on Aug. 9, 1861.  He reported for duty on September 7, 1861, and held the rank of Corporal when he mustered out in 1864.  (From other sources, namely the web site, I have found out that the date of his appointment as Corporal was October 1, 1861; and also that he was slightly wounded at the battle of Stones River near Murfreesboro, Tennessee.)  He was severely wounded at the Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia, September 20, 1863, with a gunshot wound in the head.  My grandmother said that he was wounded during the fighting on Snodgrass Hill.  He was deaf in one ear for the rest of his life.  From a hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee he was transferred to Louisville, Kentucky where he remained until April 1864, then Camp Dennison, near Cincinatti, Ohio.

His three years were complete in early August 1864 if counted from day of enlistment. After he was released, he soon married his sweetheart, Bell Jane Davis, on September 18, 1864.  Bell Jane was born in Harrison County, Virginia (now West Virginia), and they were married at Central Station, Doddridge County, West Virginia.  On their marriage certificate Albert gave his residence as Waverly, Ohio, about 15 miles south of Chillicothe, which is where the newlyweds went to live.

In 1869 the family moved to Athens, Ohio, about 60 miles to the east (on the border with West Virginia), where Albert S. was superintendent of a sash and door factory.  In 1878 the family moved far out west to the state of Washington (then a territory) near the Snake River.  They went by train to San Francisco, California, then by boat to Astoria, Oregon, then up the Columbia River to Wallula.  A narrow gauge railroad took them to Walla Walla, from where their transportation was mule drawn wagons to the Anatone Flat (prairie) and settled near a small stream not far from the Blue Mountains, in the small town of Anatone.  They arrived in May.  This area in 1878 was part of Columbia County, Washington Territory. 

Albert S. Toops later “proved up” on 160 acres of land (application no. 1491 and received Homestead Certificate No. 1398 dated 15 July, 1889, recorded in Volume 4, page 28 of the Walla Walla Land Office, at Walla Walla, Washington Territory).  His other land holdings have not been researched. In his later years Albert S. Toops lived with his children, with those on Anatone Flat where it was cooler in the summers, with those who lived in the Snake River Valley during the winters.

Genealogical information (overview):

Albert S. Toops and Bell Jane Toops had six children, five daughters and one son.  Bell Jane died in 1881 but Albert S. lived until 1916.  Their son died in infancy, but all of the daughters married and had children.  So potentially, the countryside has now pretty much been overrun with their descendants, all of whom are potentially members of the 18th Ohio Volunteer Infantry descendants organization! If anyone is interested in genealogical stuff I have additional details (exact dates, etc.) on their descendants; let me know. 

Their six children were:

1. Carris Leona Toops (1865 1940)
2. Lillie Annis Toops (1867 1920)
3. Flora Ellen Toops (1869 1960)
4. Lewis S. Toops (1870 1871)
5. Pearl Harriet Toops (1874 1965)
6. Grace Ora Toops (1876 1962)

Grace Ora Toops is my ancestor.  She married James Leslie Chapman and they had five children: Naomi, Vernon (“Laddie”), Doris, Hester, and Ivan. 

Naomi Chapman (1900 1989) is my grandmother.  She married Jasper Guy Woodroof (1900 1998) and they had three children, Jane, Cade, and Jasper Guy Jr.  All three are still alive in 2013 and have children and grandchildren.  Jane is my mother and married Lawrence Keith Akers in 1946, and had four children, Lawrence Keith Jr. (“Keith”), James Leslie, Paul Rosser, and Mariella.


(Keith Akers is descended from Albert S. Toops)