Biography of

Charles C.C. Ellis, Co H


Charles Ellis, also known as Columbus, was born in Ohio in 1848, which made him 15 years old when he enlisted in Company H of the 18th Ohio Volunteers on December 13, 1863. His rank was as a private until January 1, 1865. He remained in the service with the 18th Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry until his muster out on October 9, 1865. After the 18th was reorganized in October of 1864, he was transferred to Company A with the others from the company that had re-enlisted. The History of Washington County, Ohio reports that he was wounded at Nashville, Tennessee. Since the Union Army had retreated under the intense pressure applied by General John Bell Hood in 1864, it is not known if this was before or after his transfer to Company A in October of 1864.

After his term in the service, he is found living in a boarding house in Chilicothe, Ohio where he was working as a railroad brakeman. He met Mary C. Sivill in Athens County, Ohio and married her on May 14, 1871. To this couple were born three children. Frances F. Ellis was born in January, 1874, with Anna M. Ellis following in 1877. The third and last child was born about 1879 and was named Adam L. Ellis. Times were tough and life must have been a very hard struggle, because all three children were placed in the care of the Soldiers and Sailors Orphanage in Xenia, Ohio in 1882. They remained there until reaching their majority. At this time, also, he must have been unable to carry out his occupation as a stonemason. He applied for a pension from service connected disabilities and started receiving it on 1879.

Charles may or may not have divorced from Mary, but on June 14, 1884, he married Florence M. France in Athens County, Ohio. On November 23, 1884, Charles was killed while working in Athens, Ohio as a brakeman for the Cincinnati, Washington, and Baltimore Railroad Company. He was only 36 years old when he died without leaving a will. His estate was handled in Probate Court and his heirs consisted of Fanny and Anna Ellis, his daughters, and Adam Ellis, his son, all living in Xenia, Ohio. Also listed was a daughter, Jennie M. Ellis, living in Beebe, Ohio and his widow, Florence M. Ellis. It seems likely that Jennie was his daughter born after her father's death. Jennie died on February 1, 1898 in Washington County, Ohio. The records of the Athens County Probate Court of June 20, 1885 mentions that the death benefit paid by the railroad was $175 and was awarded to his widow, Florence. Charles is buried in the Haga Cemetery, Athens County, Ohio.


(Thanks to Will Slater for providing the information and graciously allowing it to be published to the web.)