Biography of

George W. Byers, Co F


George W. Byers was born in Belmont County, Ohio in 1841 to Elisha and Tabitha Dorcus Shepard. According to the 1860 Census of Morgan County, Ohio, he is listed as 19 years old. He was the brother of Benjamin Byers and Martha Byers Quinn, the daughter-in-law of John Quinn of Companies A & H. Enlisting in the 18th Ohio in 1861, he was mustered out in 1864 with other members of the unit who had only signed up for three years service. He was injured in the Civil War.

On January 12, 1865, he married Lucinda Jane Green who was the daughter of Isaac Green and Margaret George. Lucinda was the sister of Henry Green of Company F, Jesse Green of Company K, 63rd OVI, and Nathaniel Green of Company E, 75th OVI who was killed at Chancellorsville. Together, George and Lucinda had six children. Albert S. born in 1865, Sarah L. born in 1871, Elwood born in 1874, Erminnie (Minnie) born in 1887, Sullivan born in 1889 and died young of a brain tumor, and lastly, Olive Rose who possible died as an infant.

George died June 18, 1900 in Hollister, Trimble Twp., Athens County, Ohio and is buried in Johnson/Hollister Cemetery. Lucinda followed him almost 9 years later on January 18, 1909 and is buried beside her beloved husband.

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(Photos and information courtesy of Lorinda LeClain, great-great granddaughter.)