Biography of

Pearly Brown, Co A

Pearly Green Brown was born April 2, 1835 in Amesville, Athens County, Ohio. The 1860 census lists his occupation as a farmer in McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio. He originally enlisted in Company H of the 18th Ohio, but was transferred to Company A after being made a Captain in June of 1863. During the Battle of Chickamauga, he was wounded and spent considerable time in the hospital before being sent home on disability leave. Rejoining the Company, he carried out his duties until the fall of 1864 when he was mustered out with the company on November, 9, 1864.

After the war, he married Mary Ella McNeil on May 22, 1865 in Frankfort, Ross County, Ohio. Mary Ella was the sister of Scioto McNeill who married David Abernathy, and Juliet McNeill, who married George Crouse, also of the 18th Ohio. Five children were born to this union. Anna in 1866, Charles in 1871, Ida in 1873, Nettie in 1875, and Homer in 1878. Moving to Cincinnati in 1871, he started a beef operation which he subsequently moved to California. Pearly died on January 7, 1893 in San Francisco, California. Mary died March 26, 1911 and was buried in Gridley-Briggs Cemetery, Butte Co., California. Pearly was reburied in the same cemetery on September 11, 1911 to rest beside his wife.

(Information provided by Bob Juch)

(Interesting side note: The McNeill sisters were married to the men of the 18th Ohio, but their brother was the famous Confederate guerilla, John Hanson McNeill.)