Biography of

Peter T. Danford, Co F


Peter Danford was born in Ohio about 1840. He enlisted in Company F under Captain John Jumper. Not much more is known about his early life or about his military service other than the fact that he was a Sergeant. His date of rank and promotion are not available. There is however some confusion as to his time in the service. The Roster of Ohio Troops says that he was discharged on April 12, 1863, on a Surgeon's certificate of disability. However, a who's who of Christian Co., Illinois by J. C. McBride published in 1904 says that he was discharged in 1864. The same source says that he participated in a number of important battles. If discharged in April 1863, the only major battle would have been Stones River.

After the war, he married a lady by the name of Nancy who was also a native Ohioan. After the war Peter and Nancy migrated to Grant City, Missouri where he taught school for nine years before moving his family to Owaneco, Christian County, Illinois in 1878. He purchased the Farmer's Journal of Taylorville in 1888. His journalistic endeavor ended after one year at which time he opened a grocery business in Owaneco. In 1896, he bought another newspaper and moved it to Stonington. Two years later he sold the newspaper and re-entered the grocery business for a short time. In 1904, he is listed as serving as a police magistrate and notary public in Stonington. Further information is unknown.


( Information obtained from Roster of Ohio Troops in the Civil War and Past and Present of Christian County, Illinois by Hon. J. C. McBride published by the S. J. Clark Co. Chicago, Illinois, 1904. Biography written by Glenn Davis, 2-25-2003)