Biography of

Ranslier H. Miles, Co D

Ranslier H. Miles, also known as Ransellier, Renssalaer, and Ranseller, was born September 14, 1830 in Ohio. He owned a 80 acre farm in Lodi Township, Athens County, Ohio. He married Sarah Watts on April 10, 1853 in Athens County, Ohio. Three children, two girls and a boy were born of this union. Andrew J. was born about May 13, 1855, Martha J. about August 9, 1859, and Ida M. was born September 6, 1863.

He enlisted in Co D, of the 18th Ohio on September 23, 1861 for a period of three years. However, a journal written by Archelaus S. Camp, 1st Sergeant of Company D., mentions the discharge of R. Miles on July 19, 1862. A check of his service and pension records tells us that he was discharged on July 20, 1862 by reason of "chronic bronchitis." It does appear that he re-enlisted. He was assigned to Company B of the 18th Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry. At the end of the war, the 18th was primarily serving as a Pioneer (or Engineer) Regiment. On or about December 13, 1864, he was injured while building a dam near Nashville. His left hand was smashed when it was caught between a timber and a rock. He lost the use of his hand when complications from Gangrene set in to his hand. He served until October 9, 1865 and arrived back in Columbus on October 22, 1865. Ranslier died on May 1, 1869 from complications of his wound in 1864 in Lodi Township, Athens County, Ohio and is buried in the Garden Cemetery near present day Shade, Ohio.

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