Biography of

Brice Brumfield, Co I

     Brice Brumfield enlisted as a private in Company I on September 24, 1861 at Camp Wool, Athens County, Ohio. At the time of his enlistment, he was living on the farm of his father, Sartain Brumfield, beside Sand Fork Creek, near the foot of the Greasy Ridge Hill in Lawrence County, Ohio. His pension application indicates that he was born and raised at this site. After his enlistment, he was with the 18th during their advance into Kentucky. At Bacon Creek, he contracted measles along with a number of other men and stayed there until April, well after the rest of the 18th advanced into Southern Kentucky, Tennessee and Northern Alabama. The bout with the measles affected his eyes which was aggravated by future circumstances. In the Andy Boggs article about the fight at Short Mountain Crossroads, he is listed as taking part. He was wounded in the left elbow at the Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia, Sept 21st, 1863 and was ordered to the hospital by Captain Ross. He was at the hospital when it was overrun by Confederate forces and was captured. It was nine days later when his elbow wound was treated by Rebel Dr. Jenkins at Richmond, Va. In November, he was sent to Danville, North Carolina and on to Andersonville, Georgia by April of 1864. On September 9, 1864, he was sent to Charleston, South Carolina where he boarded the New York Steamer and arrived in Annapolis, Maryland where he was exchanged on December 16, 1864. After a 30 day furlough, he was mustered out January 30, 1865 at Camp Chase, Columbus, Ohio.

     After the war, he returned to his father's farm and married in 1866. A short while later, he moved to East Ironton, Ohio and kept boarders. In 1879, he went to Ashland, Kentucky and in 1882 moved to Shawneetown, Illinois. In 1883, the family took sick and moved back to Ashland, Kentucky. After the death of his wife, he moved back to Lawrence County and moved around for a period of time, remarried, and finally ending up in Russell, Greenup County, Kentucky.