Biography of

David A. Abernathy, Co A

David A. Abernathy was born on June 17, 1842. On August 1, 1861, he enlisted in Company A of the 18th Ohio as a Hospital Steward. After mustering out on November 9, 1864, he returned to civilian life where he met and married Scioto McNeill, sister of Juliet McNeill, who married George M. Crouse and Mary Ella McNeill, who married Captain Pearly Brown, all of the 18th Ohio. To David and his wife were born seven children. Analora was born in 1865, James in 1867, Finnell in 1870, John in 1872, Charles in 1875, Claude in 1878, and Strawder in 1880. Scioto died in 1887. In 1895, David remarried to Thodosia S. Steel. David followed Scioto in death January 13, 1908 and Theodosia followed David in 1922. All are buried in Greenlawn Cemetery, Ross County, Ohio.

( Information provided by Bob Juch)