Biography of

John Galbreath, Co F

John Galbreath entered this world on May 2, 1839 in Delaware. His father, James, a mechanic by trade, and his mother, Sarah Mundew Galbreath left Delaware in 1840. John was the eldest of three children and received a common school education in Ohio.

John enlisted in the 18th Ohio Volunteer Infantry at Camp Wool, Athens County, Ohio in August of 1861 for a period of three years. He campaigned with the regiment through the years of 1862 until February 14, 1863. During this time, he was in several skirmishes in the Lower Tennessee and Northern Alabama region, including the Battle of Stones River at Murfreesboro, Tennessee in December of 1862. He received a surgeon's certificate of disability and was discharged at Nashville, Tenn. Returning home, he recuperated enough to enlist in the One Hundred Sixty First Ohio Infantry as a Lieutenant and served 4 months in 1864. While in Ohio, he found time to marry sometime prior to 1865. This union was blessed with 5 children, but sadly, Esther, one of the daughters, passed away in 1882 at the age of 16 years.

In 1865, he moved to Andrew and Nodaway counties in Missouri and remained until 1876. Moving to Fillmore in Andrew County, he opened a merchantile business which lasted a short while. Moving to Solomon City, Kansas, he again engaged in the merchantile business, lasting this time six years. Moving back to Fillmore in 1887, he remained.

(Biographical sketch paraphrased from the Galbreath entry of the "History of Missouri, Andrew & DeKalb County," published in 1888. The entry was transcribed by Penny Harrell who has graciously granted permission to use her work.)