Biography of

Milton W. Halsey,

Milton W. Halsey was born in Ohio in 1841. Very little information is available from before the Civil War, but it appears he was married to Mary M. sometime prior, because his first child, Charles E. was born in 1861. Upon entry into the military at the beginning of the war, he was mustered as a Private in Company D. His promotion date to Sergeant is unavailable, but it is known that he was transferred to Company A on October 20, 1864. He re-enlisted in the 18th Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry, promoted to Sergeant Major on December 1, 1864, and assigned to the Field and Staff. That was followed by his promotion to 1st Lieutenant on December 21, 1864. On March 29, 1865, he was promoted to Captain and assigned to Comapny H. He was mustered out with his company on October 9, 1865. He participated in the Battles of Stones River and Chickamauga, as well as all the skirmishing that took place both before and after each of these large battles.

After the war, he returned to Ohio as evidenced by the birth of his second child, William W. born in 1867. Sometime prior to 1870, he moved to Missouri where Estelle M. was born in 1870. At the birth of their fourth child, Zelda A. in 1875, the family was living in Kansas. Their fifth and last child that is known was born in 1879.

(Information from Roster of Ohio Troops in the Civil War and 1880 census.)