Biography of

Thomas Sheppard, Co G


Death of Thomas Sheppard

Thomas Sheppard of Nelsonville, well known in political and G.A.R. circles both at Nelsonville and here, died at his home Monday.


Nelsonville, O., Feb. 16, '87. Thomas Sheppard was born at West Point, New York, April 14, 1842, died at Nelsonville, O., Feb. 14, 1887, aged 41 years and 10 months.

In 1850 he came to Nelsonville and his home was here from that date to the present. On Oct. 20, 1861 he became a Union soldier, enlisting as a private in Company G, 18th Regiment Ohio Infantry. Six months later he was promoted to color sergeant and distinguished himself by his zeal and fidelity to his duties carrying the flag of his Regiment through the battles in which it engaged, viz.: Athens, Ala., Lagrange, Stone River, Davis Crossroads, Chickamauga, Brown's Ferry and Mission Ridge. He won the encomium of his officers and comrades for gallant conduct and was wounded at Davis Crossroads in the face by a piece of shell.

On Nov. 9, 1864 he was discharged from the service, his term of enlistment having expired, and he came back home resuming his duties as a citizen. Jan. 1, 1866 he was married to Miss Maria Smith, two sons and two daughters were born to them. All these with the faithful loving wife and mother survive him to deplore the loss of husband and father. Kind and indulgent in his family relations he was true and steadfast to his friends and faithful to his convictions of duty as a citizen and soldier. Stricken down in the prime and vigor of his manhood, the blow has fallen with crushing weight to his loved ones.

His funeral yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon was one of the largest that ever occurred here. The funeral was conducted by Phil Kearney Post No. 38, G.A.R., assisted by George H. Thomas Post No. 15, Sons of Veterans. A large number of his comrades from abroad attended the funeral, Gen. Hamilton and Emmett Brannon attending from Athens. The following telegram from Gen. Grosvenor was read at the funeral services:


W. L. KESSINGER.-- Please assure Mrs. Sheppard of my profound grief at the death of her husband, my friend and comrade, and my sympathy for her in this hour. Nothing but public duties which I cannot waive prevents my attendance at the funeral.


[Note in pencil indicates he may have been reinterred in Green Lawn Cemetery]

( Information from the Athens Herald, February 17, 1887. Kindly forwarded by Lorinda LeClain.)