Biography of

Reuben S. H. Snow, Co E

Reuben S. H. Snow was born in Butler County, Pennsylvania in 1841.He is the son of Phyrrhus Snow who was born in Pennsylvania in 1825. It is unclear how he came to be in Ohio but may have been living in Ross County,Ohio as that was where most of Company E of the 18th OVI were from. He enlisted at the beginning of the war in the late summer of 1861at the age of 21. No further information is available until more research is done. He married Anna Elizabeth Rice on September 28, 1867 in Wilton-Monroe County, Wisconsin. Reuben had two known siblings, Elizabeth, who was born in 1829 in Pennsylvania and Phyrrhus, Jr. who was born in 1825 in Pennsylvania. Elizabeth Snow married Martin Bobo in Lodi, Ohio in 1849. No further information is available.

Reuben died July 7th, 1898 in Vernon County, Wisconsin and is buried at Newburn Ridge.

(Reuben's information was provided by his descendant, Elizabeth)