Biography of

Wesley Sidman, Co H

Wesley Case Sidman was born in Camillus, NY on September 11, 1834. His parents were John and Mary Quick Sidman. By September of 1858, he had migrated to Ohio. On the 9th of September of that year he was married to Rebecca Rose by Rev. John Parker. His brother was Charles Moss Sidman, also of Company H.Nothing more is known about his pre-war years.

Some discrepancy exists as to the date of enlistment in Company H of the 18th. It is reported to be either September 12, 1861 or Feb 25. Muster-in took place at Camp Wool, Athens County, Ohio. Wesley is listed in the company and described as 5'10", light complexion, grey eyes and light hair. Mustering information lists his occupation as a carpenter and that he was born in Onondaga County, New York. His Granddaughter, Elizabeth Sidman Lore is quoted as saying he was wounded at Wilson Creek, Missouri under General Lyons, but that is unconfirmed by the fact the 18th Ohio was not at Wilson Creek, additionally the battle took place in August of 1861 before the enlistment of the men of the regiment.

After the war, Wesley moved from Ohio to Illinois in 1865, back to Ohio that same year, and to Springfield, Missouri in 1888. He died October 25, 1917 in Springfield, Missouri and was buried in Maple Park Cemetery alongside his wife.


(Information supplied by Rebecca Coomes and was transcribed from "Sidman-Sidnam Families of Upstate New York," by Evelyn Wachter Sidman. )