Biography of

Noah Miles, Co D

Noah was born August 5, 1817 in New York. Most of his life was spent in Lodi Township, Athens County, Ohio. On July 3, 1838, he married Matilda Pierce in Athens County, Ohio. To Noah and Matilda were born at least six children. Almira was born about 1843, Mary about 1845, and Oscar born October 2, 1848. The last three known children were Emily born about 1853, Simeon S. born June, 1855 and Malvira born about 1857. In 1850, they can be found living in Adams County, Illinois, but that stay was short lived. The 1860 census lists them as once more living in Lodi Township, where Noah's occupation is listed as a farmer.

On August 9, 1861, he enlisted for three years in the 18th Ohio Volunteer Infantry at Athens, Ohio. He was placed in Company D and spent the entire time with that company. When his term of service was up, he re-enlisted on October 20, 1864 and was transferred to Company A of the reformed 18th Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry. He mustered out of the unit on the 9th of October, 1865 in Augusta, Georgia. Papers show he was returned to Columbus, Ohio on the 22nd of October and released.

After the War, Noah became a member of the Grand Army of the Republic in Athens County. He died November 19, 1895 at Judson, Ohio and was buried in the Garden Cemetery near present day Shade, Ohio.

A point of interest worth mentioning is that Noah was the grandson of Noah Miles born about 1757 in Pauling, Dutchess County, New York. The elder Noah was a veteran of the Revolutionary War by enlisting in Colonel Abraham Brinkerhoff's Regiment of Minute Men of Dutchess County. The elder Noah moved to Lee Township, Athens County where he died in 1822.

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