Biography of

Osmer Miles, Co D

Osmer was born about 1839. He was the son of David H. Miles, the captain of Company D. Just before the war started, he is listed as being a farm laborer on the 1860 census. On September 23, 1861, he enlisted as a Private in his father's company. Unfortunately, Osmer was unable to complete his term of service. At Camp Haycraft, Bacon Creek, Kentucky, he contracted one of the diseases that was ravaging the 18th as well as all the other units in the area. Camp Haycraft was a particularly unhealthy area. Men from the 18th developed Measles, Rubiola, Diptheria, and Chickenpox. Osmer died on March 10, 1862, several weeks after the rest of the unit had moved to more healthy locations. He is buried next to his brother, Clarence, in the Jerseyville Cemetery at Shade, Ohio.